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Our Results & Progress

For information regarding our academy performance from 2017-2019, please view below.

N.B. we do not have the most recent data for 2019-2020 as these have not been published by the Secretary of State. For more information about this, please click here.

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Key Stage 2 - Year 6 Reading, Writing and Maths


TVA 2023 %

% Achieving Expected Standard in Reading, Writing & Maths


% Achieving Higher Standard in Reading, Writing & Maths


Key Stage 2 - Year 6 Average Progress Measure

Progress refers to the development a child makes from their last validated test result so for this group of children their progress from Year 2 to Year 6.

Individual pupil-level progress scores are calculated in comparison to other pupils nationally. For all mainstream pupils nationally, the average progress score will be zero.

A school’s progress scores for English reading, English writing and mathematics are calculated as its pupils’ average progress scores. This means that school-level progress scores will be presented as positive and negative numbers on either side of zero.

A mark of 0 means pupils do as well as others at KS2 as those with similar prior ability nationally.

A minus score does not mean that pupils did not make progress, but did not make as good progress as others with a similar starting point nationally.

Progress – Value Added








Key Stage 2 - Year 6 Average Scaled Score

A pupil’s scaled score is based on their raw score. The raw score is the total number of marks a pupil scores in a test, based on the number of questions they answered correctly. The raw score is converted into a scaled score. The range of scaled scores available for each KS2 test is:

  • 80 is the lowest scaled score that can be awarded
  • 120 is the highest scaled score

A pupil awarded a scaled score of 100 or more has met the expected standard in each test.