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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Knight Senior Principal
Mr Barker Co-Principal
Mrs Lee Deputy Headteacher / Compliance & Standards
Mrs Taylor Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Beyond the Core
Miss Dutton

Assistant Headteacher - Safeguarding and Inclusion

Mrs Higgins Early Years Foundation Stage Leader
Mrs Howarth


Mrs Stone PA to Principalship

Inclusion Team

Mrs King Pastoral & Wellbeing (PAWS)
Mrs Pendrill Behaviour Support


Mrs Stone PA to Principalship
Mrs Allen Admissions and Attendance/Admin
Mrs Bedeau Admin/ Trips/ Nursery
Mrs Liddle Admin / Front of House
Miss Baptiste School Business Manager


Mr Ryan Premises Manager


Mrs Higgins Early Years Foundation Stage Leader
Miss Harding Lead Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Giddings Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Mulholland Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Wakefield Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Tivinan Nursery Practitioner
Miss Khanom Nursery Practitioner
Miss Smith Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Hughes Nursery Practitioner
Miss Stolber Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Noka Nursery Practitioner
Miss Vincent Nursery Practitioner
Miss Cox Nursery Apprentice


Mrs Higgins Early Years Foundation Stage Leader and Hedgehogs Class Teacher
Miss Bowker Reception Teacher
Mrs Elliott Reception Teacher
Miss Houghton Reception Teacher / Reception Co-ordinator
Miss Dowling LSA
Ms Kiely LSA
Miss Piper LSA
Miss Chapman LSA
Miss Field LSA
Miss Thompson LSA
Ms Kaur LSA

Year 1 

Miss Mostert Year 1 Teacher
Miss Khanam Year 1 Teacher / KS1 Leader
Mrs Hamilton Year 1 Teacher / Phonics Lead
Mrs Pullen LSA
Miss Burn LSA
Miss Croft LSA
Miss Beasley LSA
Miss James LSA
Miss Evans LSA

Year 2 

Miss Prior Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Lee Year 2 Teacher
Miss Collins Year 2 Teacher
Miss Rosonovski LSA
Mrs Preston LSA
Miss Walker LSA

Year 3 

Mrs Smith  Year 3 Teacher
Mr Webber Year 3 Teacher
Miss Page / Mrs Mulford Year 3 Teacher
Mrs White LSA
Mrs Evans LSA

Year 4 

Mr Hewitt Year 4 Teacher 
Mr Melkani Year 4 Teacher
Miss Cullen Year 4 Teacher / Community Lead
Ms Wadsworth HLTA
Mrs Allen LSA
Miss Frederico LSA

Year 5 

Mrs Sowinska Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Davies Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Popescu HLTA
Mrs Keogh LSA

Year 6 

Miss Lythall Year 6 Teacher
Miss Connor Year 6 Teacher
Miss McHune Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Sharp LSA 
Mrs Render LSA
Mrs Ryan Higher Level Teaching Assistant


PE, Health and Wellbeing 

Mr Prothero P.E and Health Lead
Mr Doyle P.E Apprentice
Mr Wheeler School Games Organiser

The Arts

Mrs Bright Music Leader
Mrs Randell Art, Dance and Drama

Specialist resource provision 

Mrs Gould SEND Lead Teacher
Miss Oldfield SRP Assistant
Mrs Ahmed SRP Assistant
Ms Anjum SRP Assistant
Ms Mills SRP Assistant
Ms Drury SRP Assistant

Afterschool / Midday Supervisors 

Mrs Melkonian Mrs Keogh
Mrs Render Miss Wilks
Mrs Pollard Miss James
Ms Rama Ms Mills