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At the Vale Academy, we strive to ensure learning is magical. Our Curriculum throughout the school encourages the children to use their head, hearts and their hands, Challenging their minds, opening their hearts and inspiring creativity. The Reception curriculum is one of the first building blocks to learning within our school and therefore we ensure it is memorable, engaging and awe-inspiring for our children. This first curriculum also provides the children with the building blocks to prepare them for learning in Year One.

The Vale Academy’s Reception curriculum is a child-centred curriculum that is designed to reflect the “whole child”, respecting and supporting each child’s diverse needs and interests. Our Curriculum takes a play-based approach to learning supported by adult-guided activities and lessons. Throughout the year we adapt our curriculum to suit the needs and interests of the children, whilst at the same time following the guidance from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, supporting the children towards meeting their Early Learning Goals.

Our curriculum encourages children to take pride in their achievements. We place a strong emphasis on building firm relationships with our children and their families, working collaboratively to enable the children to make progress. Our curriculum encourages the children to develop a love for learning during the first full year of school, sewing the seeds for this to continue as the children move into Key Stage One.